Personalized Facial Contouring
Cosmetic Surgery

HERSHE Plastic Surgery & Dermatology,
Director / Plastic Surgeon
Young-choon Jeong, MD

“To achieve an ideal facial shape which is individually customized
it’s important to have a surgery with an integrated approach of considering the entire facial skeleton, skin and muscle conditions.”

Q: When is a facial contouring surgery needed and how is it
conducted? What kind of effects can we expect after the operation?
It’s most important to review overall facial skeleton. A facial contouring surgery is effective if the shape of the jaw is too thick or squared. Meanwhile, though the size of the facial skeleton is small, a U-shaped face with a lot of fat on the chin line or face can be improved by a liposuction. Botox is injected to the part where the masseter muscle (mastic muscles on the side of jaw) is developed, and thread lifting procedure is performed on chin line for a younger appearance.
Q: What are the types of facial contouring surgeries and how can we get the best results?
Direction of surgery has to be adjusted to patients’ conditions. This includes reviewing the reason for bone development or muscle and soft tissue problems. Likewise, in order to achieve the best result, lifting design and procedure should be conducted depending on patients’ facial shape. It’s more effective to use laser, facial liposuction, botulinum toxin, filler and far autografting to complement the limits of thread lifting procedure.
Q: What is specialized operation management system in cosmetic surgery clinics in Gangnam?
Most plastic surgery clinics in Gangnam pay close attention to basic hygiene, infection control, anesthesia, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and postoperative care. Each hospital endeavors for patients’ safety and fast recovery by installing safety management and postoperative system. Additionally, many hospitals are participating in the transparent operation system campaign so that patients undergo operations safely.
Q: Why would you recommend Gangnam medical tour to international tourists, and which tourist sites would you recommend?
Among numerous attractions in Gangnam, Cheongdam-dong is a popular place in the area. It’s a hot place among foreign tourists because of the Cheongdam Luxury Fashion Street and SM Entertainment with many Korean idols.
For patients’ safety, Gangnam Medical Tour Center conducts a campaign to ensure that medical institutions abide by the transparent operation system.

“Foreign Patient Mystery Shopper” conducted by Gangnam-gu District Office

Foreign patients visit hospitals as “mystery shoppers” to test their medical services. Interpretation services, waiting time, accurate consultation on operations, explanation on side effects, adequate operative fees are evaluated.
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