World-renowned Cosmetic Surgery Technology of Gangnam

JW Plastic Surgery Clinic,
Director / Plastic Surgeon
Man-gun Seo, MD

“Cosmetic surgeries should be performed in the safe scope of patient’s body tissues, and safe tissue handling techniques and materials are vital.”

Q: More than 35% of Korea’s cosmetic surgery clinics are located in Gangnam where about 400 medical institutions are clustered together. What is the competitive differentiation of cosmetic surgeons in Gangnam?
I believe it’s their advanced technology and superior services. As the competition is so fierce, surgeons in Gangnam are passionately upgrading their skills and thus Korean cosmetic surgery technology is recognized globally. In addition, hospitals with the latest facilities are equipped with devices for safety. Also their superior services for patients are another strength.
Q: Patients who suffer from side effects from cosmetic surgeries are coming to Korea for a reoperation. Why are the reoperations of eyes and nose so important?
Many patients undergo reoperations because they are unsatisfied with prior results. It may be due to asymmetry, postoperative side effects, or functional problems. Reoperations require a consideration of various aspects such as difficulty of scar tissues’ adhesion, functional parts and psychological aspects of patients.
Q: Why would you recommend Gangnam medical tour to international tourists and what are the attractions in Gangnam?
Gangnam is a mecca of Korean medical care and the capital of plastic surgery where the best medical staffs are concentrated. Hospitals are equipped with outstanding medical infrastructure and they are well advanced than those of other regions. Numerous affordable accommodations and five-star hotels are concentrated in Gangnam and there is a wide range of famous restaurants and entertainment options.
Q: Postoperative care is important particularly for eyes and nose cosmetic surgeries. What are the criteria to be considered before choosing a
cosmetic surgery clinic?
Despite performing a successful surgery,the results may vary depending on postoperative management. Though it may be a simple procedure, postoperative care plays an important role in the recovery process. Patients should choose a hospital which would be responsible and address the issues in the event of unexpected problems or side effects.
It’s wise to choose a responsible hospital with a medical team equipped with technology, superior services and postoperative care services for its patients.

Checklist for Choosing a Cosmetic Surgeon

Check whether your designated doctor conducts consultations and also performs your surgery. It’s also important to check preoperative preparation, operation process, availability of an anesthesiologist for postoperative monitoring, and dedicated recovery room for postoperative patients.
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