Dosan Park Sageori ~ Hakdong Sageori
The area around Dosan Park, lush greenery in the middle of Gangnam, is the heart of luxury fashion and beauty brands. In front of the main gate of the park, which as pleasant as New York’s Central Park, there is a ginkgo tree-lined road called “Riverside Road” that boasts beautiful scenery every season.
Riverside Road is dotted with various luxury brands, such as Maison Hermés Dosan Park and the Sulwhasoo Flagship Store, and brunch cafés, fine dining restaurants, galleries and fashion stores are tucked away in streets and alley around the park. The Sulwhasoo Flagship
Store, one the most healing and relaxing spots in Zone B, was designed by world-renowned architectural designer duo Neri & Hu. The VIP rooftop lounge offers guests an unforgettable spa experience while enjoying great views of Dosan Park. The perfect way of ending a day of shopping and spa, is by enjoying a delicious meal at one of the many restaurants in the area. You can try typical Korean dishes like sundubu (soft tofu), Italian home cooking, American-style brunch, or join the line of one of the famous bakeries and dessert cafés.

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