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JK Plastic Surgery Center,
Director / Plastic Surgeon
Soon-hong Kwon, MD

“Korean plastic surgeons are highly skilled and have
anatomical knowledge and a strong sense of aesthetics”

Q: Why is it important to choose an experienced specialist when considering breast augmentation or reduction for cosmetic or therapeutic purposes?
It’s important to choose a plastic surgeon who has mainly performed breast surgeries. They have the expertise and sophisticated  techniques based on their number of experiences, and only then satisfactory results can be obtained. Preoperative examination and breast cancer screening are required as most breast surgical procedures are performed under general anesthesia.
Q: What are the types of prosthetic implants for breast cosmetic surgeries and the criteria to be considered? What are the differences among incision methods?
It’s better to choose breast implants depending on the shape of the patient’s breast and skeletal pattern. Water droplet implants make the upper part of the breast look natural while round implants make larger volume of breast. The latest incision methods are armpit, lower breast crease and periareolar incision. The advantage of armpit and periareolar incision method is that they do not leave a scar on breast while lower breast crease incision is easy to operate.
Q: What is the difference between fat grafting and liposuction? Who needs such treatment, and where is it mostly performed on?
Fat transfer or grafting is to extract unnecessary fat from parts of the body, and inject it into the necessary area. The most popular area is the face: forehead, cheek and chin: and fat is also injected in breast and hips to add more volume. Liposuction is a surgical procedure to remove unnecessary fat. Preferred areas are abdomen, flanks, forearms and thighs, and ultrasonic waves or laser are used to destroy far cells.
Q: Tell us about the operation to remove the fat accumulated in the abdomen, and what are the ways to restore loose skin after weight loss or pregnancy?
We recommend abdominal plastic surgery to remove loose skin. There are limits in recovering loose abdominal skin by skincare or physical exercises. During surgery, stretched skin is reduced and the enlarged abdominal wall and muscles are restored to their original shape, so patients can have a slender and firmer waist line. As an incision method is performed, it leaves a scar below the pelvis but it can be covered by underwear or swimwear.
It’s important to choose optimal breast prosthetic implants based on the individual’s anatomical character and overall balance of the body.

Postoperative Care for Breast Surgery and Fat Grafting/Liposuction

It is essential to follow postoperative care guidelines given by the hospital, such as wearing a compression band and ways of wearing undergarments. For postoperative care of fat grafting and liposuction, LED light technology is used to reduce swelling or bruising.
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