Personalized Preventive Management to Specialized Screening

Life Center Chaum,
Director Sang-wook Yoon, MD

“Though it’s a hospital, VIPs come as they can have a health checkup in a private space with comfort at the level of a hotel”

Q: Why do international celebrities and high-ranking officials come to Gangnam to get a health checkup?
For example, Chaum provides a private space called “Hive room” which is a specially designed examination system for the convenience of international patients. The Hive System is a new paradigm checkup service that allows patients to receive one-stop screening at a single location, ensuring privacy (except certain screenings). This has received a fervent response from Muslim women who are not permitted to expose their body parts for religious reasons. For a family group, a special medical examination is offered that guides a comprehensive method of physical exercises, spa and meals for all members of the family are provided in addition to basic screening.
Q: After a one-stop health checkup, which lasts less than two hours, in Gangnam, many foreigners enjoy sightseeing in the area. Could you introduce any specialized health checkup program other than a general examination?
In addition to a medical examination, which can detect diseases in the body, there are specialized tests that predict diseases and provide customized preventive management programs. They include tests on heavy metal accumulation in the body, immune cell activity, food allergies, digestive metabolic functions, and even DNA tests to learn their own genome information. Patients can correct their bad habits and create their own health portfolio.
Q: In Gangnam, there are various health checkup programs and screenings at different costs. What kind of criteria should be considered before choosing?
Patients should look for the most cost-effective program after a comprehensive analysis of gender, age, disease risk factors, lifestyle, family history, previous screening results, and recent symptoms. With the help of an experienced consultant, it’s best to find a specialized center that provides a personalized screening program. Chaum first conducts a consultation by pecialized nurses to organize a medical examination program, and then it provides the most effective customized screening program by coordinating detailed screenings based on the preliminary examination by specialists.

Patient-centered Treatment for
Critically Ill Patients

Samsung Medical Center,
Head of International Health Services
Jae-joon Lee, MD

“Proton therapy machine and cutting-edge medical technology such as Gamma Knife and robot surgery are changing the paradigm of cancer treatment”

Q: Gangnam’s advanced general hospitals are famous for its high success rate of treating serious diseases such as cancer, spinal and cerebrovascular diseases. Could you share an outstanding treatment case and the latest medical technology?
The Samsung Medical Center is known as an advanced comprehensive general hospital for patients with severe illnesses. Medical faculty who are highly recognized locally and internationally are treating patients by using newest medical technology in stem cell therapies, cancer-targeted therapies, and cancer, cardiac and cerebrovascular surgeries. Especially, it has been very successful in treating intractable remote metastatic cancers and the survival rate of elderly cancer patients aged 80+ is high due to its customized therapies such as proton therapy.
Q: What type of personalized care services are there for foreign patients?
Samsung Medical Center’s International Health Services Center provides various concierge services such as airport pickup, transportation, and hotel services to prevent any inconvenience for patients while staying in Korea. There are also English, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and Mongolian coordinators that provide interpretation services. IHS is very convenient and easy to use as is it contracted with global insurance companies. Additionally, it provides various types of meals such as Western, Russian, Halal, and Mongolian, as well as international TV channels.
Q: For a foreign patient who wishes to use a general hospital, it’s not easy to choose a medical team, make an appointment and visit the hospital. What kind of assistance is provided for such patients by hospitals?
It’s not easy to make a doctor’s appointment at a Korean hospital while you are living abroad. Samsung Medical Center’s International Health Services strives to help such international patients. When a patient makes an appointment at Samsung Medical Center via email, phone or online, a coordinator and nurses will request further information on the patient. Once they compile the information, the IHS recommends and arranges the appropriate medical team and suggest treatment plans. They also guide with expected duration of their stay and hospital expenses. If there is a preferred medical staff, patients can directly request.
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