Korean Traditional Medicine for Beauty and Weight Loss Treatment

Kwangdong Hospital of Traditional Korean Medicine,
Director Nuri Kang, MD

“A joint treatment system of Korean and Western medicine is effective for skin and weight loss. More satisfactory results can be obtained via combination of Oriental beauty treatment and herbal medicine based on personal constitution along with Western laser and injection treatment.”

Q: Please tell us about various Korean traditional medicine procedures for aesthetics, obesity, spine, and infertility treatment.
Major beauty treatments of Oriental medicine include acupunctures for beauty, regeneration, and v-line contour. They minimize side effects by using the natural healing power of the skin and brings about natural beauty. Lately, the joint treatment system of Korean and Western medicine has been under the spotlight and for example, Korean acupuncture and laser treatment was used simultaneously to treat skin elasticity and freckles.
Q: What are the major Korean traditional medicine treatments for cosmetic surgery and weight loss treatment? For whom do you prescribe acupuncture treatment and herbal medicine?
Typical Korean traditional cosmetic therapies include regenerative acupuncture (cosmetic acupuncture), and weight loss treatments include lipolysis acupuncture and moxibustion. Acupuncture is widely used to treat facial elasticity and fat decomposition of abdomen, forearms and thighs. Particularly, herbal medicine prescription is important to treat obesity and it can effectively improve patients’ physical constitution. This helps with dietary control and metabolism.
Q: What is Sasang medical theory of Korean traditional medicine? Tell us about how Sasang medicine classifies constitution and food compatibility.
Sasang medicine is a medical theory founded by Lee Jema in the late Joseon Dynasty (about 1700 ~ 1850). People’s constitution is divided into four types: Tae-yang, Tae-eum, So-yang, and Soeum: and they are treated differently by the classification. Each constitution is different in yin and yang energy so their food compatibility differs. For Tae-yang cold and plain food such as seafood and vegetables are good, and for Tae-eum it’s better to avoid spicy, salty and fatty food. For So-yang, cold food such as meat and fruits are good while for So-eum warm foods work better. Check your constitution and get a consultation.
Q: Tell us about oriental spa and herbal medicine tea therapy and their effectiveness.
Oriental spa is conducted with a customized prescription in order to find the balance of body, face and mind. This is more specialized than ordinary spa and massage. Such oriental spa programs vary from hospital to hospital; manual therapy is used for correction, moxibustion, chuna therapy and scrub are performed for blood circulation of face, and facial cosmetic acupuncture. Herbal medicine tea therapy promotes body to release toxins in the body and Korean traditional tea strengthens blood circulation and immunity.
Acupuncture procedure is performed by specialists with profound experience and it can treat wrinkles around eyes and forehead.

Guidelines on Herbal Medicine for Weight Loss

Depending on the purpose of prescription, consumption method of Korean traditional medicine may vary. For weight loss treatment, herbal medicine is usually taken before meals to make patients feel full and help them with dietary control.
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