Restaurants recognized by <the Michelin Guide>, a world-renowned restaurant guide book, abound in Seoul. A selection of the best across all styles offered by restaurants in Seoul await you, ranging from Michelin Star restaurants to Bib Gourmands –places that offer a carefully prepared, but simpler style of cooking at reasonable prices.

Michelin 2 stars



Refined Korean cuisine proudly presented by Chef Kwon

The name of the restaurant is derived from an archaic Korean word “suksu” which means a “professional cook.” Chef Kwon Woo-joong interprets traditional Korean cuisine with a decidedly modern flair, using both rare and readilyavailable seasonal ingredients to create unconventional flavors. This young and passionate chef makes all cooking oils, preserved seafood, fermented condiments and vinegars in house. Course menus include lunch and dinner courses, and a chef tasting course. What catches guests’ eyes is that food is served on small portable tables for each person.

Unlike ordinary course menu, the course menu of Kwon Sook Soo begins with juansang, a table with an alcoholic beverage and side dishes, followed by freshly sliced raw fish, tteokgalbi, or grilled short rib patties, bansang that consists of steamed rice and side dishes, and dessert. We recommend the counter seats where you can see the lively scene of chefs preparing food with fresh ingredients sourced every day.



Taste attractive dishes created by a modern Korean cuisine pioneer

Jungsik is a must-visit if you want to taste modern-style Korean cuisine. Chef Yim Jung-sik is touted as the pioneer of modern Korean dining. Presenting different menu items made with seasonal ingredients every month, Jungsik offers two lunch course meals (four or five courses), a five-course dinner, or an eight-course signature menu. Jungsik has created a modern-style gujeolpan (platter of nine delicacies). Instead of serving wheat crepes with colorful stuffing such as stir-fried meat and vegetables, the restaurant presents laver chips along with cream cheese, salmon roe, stir-fried kimchi and kelp jelly. Another signature dish is the Dolhareubang dessert inspired by omegitteok (local rice cakes of Jeju Island). Black bread stuffed with mugwort-flavored ice cream and sweet red bean paste resembles dolhareubang (special stone statue found on Jeju Island). With locations in Seoul and New York, this creative Korean restaurant pioneers new flavors beyond your imagination.

  • Tel:
    • 02-517-4654
  • Address:
    • 11, Seolleung-ro 158-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul


Meet the new world of Korean sauces

This Korean restaurant lives up to its name “Mingles”, as in the mixing of different things to create a new harmony. Chef Kang Min-goo creates diversity based on authentic Korean cuisine. He is particularly noted for using Korean condiments, in an entirely different way. The restaurant’s signature dessert, Jang Trio, is vanilla ice creams served with 3 different paste toppings – doenjang (soybean paste) creme brulee, gochujang (red chili paste) cereal, and ganjang (soy sauce) pecans – then topped with whisky foam to create a subtle and unique flavor.

Prior to the main dish, unique appetizer called Mingles Egg is served in egg shells. Egg custard mixed with Spanish chorizo sausage, green beans, and other ingredients boasts a soft pudding-like texture. A favorite place among epicures, Mingles serves two courses (lunch and dinner), and the menu items are subject to change depending on seasonal availability. Reservations are required.

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