A marine city full of delicacies an ocean city for relaxation

With the blue sea, recreational beaches and fresh seafood delicacies, Busan is the ideal place for travelers. Busan has so many sights and attractions: Nampo-dong food alleys with old stalls and stores; a Buddhist temple located on the coast that you can visit on a city tour bus; the annual Busan International Film Festival; and the Busan Fireworks Festival held along the beautiful beach. You will be welcomed by the warm weather and the friendly people of Busan.

  • Location:
    • A metropolitan city in the southeast region of Korea
  • Area:
    • 765.94 km²
  • Temperature:
    • 14.7˚C (average annual temp)
  • Symbol:
    • Camellia flower · camellia · seagull

Busan Port International Passenger Terminal

The International Passenger Terminal at Busan Port, a gate to the global maritime tourism city of Busan, is well equipped with convenience facilities for visitors. After completing immigration procedures, you can go to the roaming center to rent a mobile wifi router and then to the bank to exchange foreign currency into cash. You can take the free shuttle bus right in front of the terminal. Now, let’s head towards Busan Station and Gukje Market to start you journey.

Map of Busan Port International Passenger Terminal

5F  Convention Center (Event Hall, Conference Hall),
PR Center, etc.

4F  Port Situation Room, Office, etc.

3F  Departure, Convenience Facilities, Ticket Office, CIQ Office, etc.

2F  Arrivals, Convenience Facilities, CIQ Office, etc.

1F  Parking Lot, Customs Bonded Area, Baggage Consignment, etc.

B1F  Heat Exchanger Room

Major Facilities Contact

International Passenger Terminal 2F

Internet café(Café Droptop) 051-442-2282 Mobile Phone Roaming(SKT) 051-441-6124
Mobile Phone Roaming(KT) 051-442-0841 Mobile Phone Roaming(LGT) 051-466-0505
Busan Bank 051-462-7706 New Saehan Rental Car 051-462-0789, 051-463-0789
Gukbudoye(Souvenir shop) 051-257-8877 Baggage Room 051-465-9782

International Passenger Terminal 3F

Duty Free Pick-up (Lotte) 051-466-8896 Duty Free Pick-up (Shinsegae) 051-466-8897
Duty Free Pick-up (Dongwha ·Shilla ) 051-466-8898 Duty Free Shop (Busan Duty Free) 051-460-0962
Souvenir Shop (Shin-A) 051-441-7612 Saebusan Drug Store 051-462-7775
Medical Tour Center & Cruise Lounge 070-8874-9334, 070-8849-9334

How to move from Busan Port International Passenger Terminal to the downtown area

You can plan your own itinerary starting from the terminal. If you take a bus or taxi toward Nampo-dong, the center of downtown, you can visit many popular attractions on foot. The city tour bus that departs from Busan Station will take you to the most famous beaches of the city. You can also use Subway Line 1 as it stops at many famous tourist spots.

Free Shuttle Bus

The free shuttle bus departs from the terminal and heads towards Gukje Market in Nampo-dong and Busan Station. If you get off at Busan Station, you can take the city tour bus to visit the famous Gwangalli Beach, Haeundae Beach, and Haedong Yonggungsa Temple (a Buddhist temple on the coast).


If the free shuttle bus is crowded with visitors, you can take a local bus.

  • Bus 5-1 (general) To Nampo Area:
    • Intervals: 11–13 mins
    • 1,200 won by transportation card & 1,300 won by cash
  • Bus 1004 (express) To Busan Station. :
    • Intervals: 10–14 mins
    • 1,700 won by transportation card & 1,800 won by cash


Take a taxi if you want to move around major attractions quickly and conveniently.

  • Minimum charge:
    • 3,300 won (Up to 2 km)
  • Nampo-dong Gukje Market, BIFF Square, Jagalchi Market:
    • approx. 20 mins
  • Dongbaekseom Island, The Bay 101, Haeundae, Gwangalli Beach:
    • approx. 35 mins

Tourist Taxi

A tourist taxi provides customized services to visitors by taking them to famous attractions and restaurants. It is recommended for first-time visitors.

  • Deungdae call:
    • 051-600-1004
    • * A reservation is required 2 hrs in advance.
    • * Tolls and parking fees are excluded.
    • * Charges and schedules vary.
  • Charge per hour: 20,000 won for 1 hr & 80,000 won for 5 hrs / Charge per tour course: 60,000–120,000 won

Busan Tourist Map

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