Beaches in Busan

Busan is best known for its beaches. Gwangalli and Haeundae Beaches are especially popular. You will be impressed by their beautiful seascape. You can use a bus tour to better enjoy the sights of the city. The City Tour Bus will take you to these jewel like attractions.

Haeundae Beach Area

1. Haeundae Beach

This is the most popular beach among visitors. You can see endless rows of parasols on the white sandy beach in summer, which is so spectacular it is in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most parasols on a beach. If you are feeling hungry, go to nearby Haeundae Market and try a hot bowl of dwaejigukbap (pork and rice soup) or bibimkalguksu (spicy noodles).

  • Busan Station Haeundae Beach
  • approx. 42 mins (14.43 km / approx. 13,500 won)
  • City Tour Bus – BUTI Red Line 1 hr 5 mins (to Haeundae Beach;
  • First departure 10:35, Last departure 17:35 / Every 30 mins)
  • 600 m from Haeundae Station Exit 3 or 5 (Subway Line 2)
2. Dongbaekseom Island

Dongbaekseom Island, located at one end of Haeundae Beach, has beautiful trails along the sea. After passing the wooden trail, surrounded by thick trees, and a suspension bridge, you will find a small lighthouse where you can enjoy the open sea view. The beauty of the island reaches its climax in March when it is covered with camellia flowers.

  • Busan Station → Dongbaekseom Island
  • City Tour Bus – BUTI Red Line 58 mins (to the Island; First departure 10:28, Last departure 17:28 / Every 30 mins)
  • 600 m from Dongbaek Station Exit 2 (Subway Line 2)
3. The Bay 101

Here, you can enjoy the magnificent view of the sea, anchored yachts and skyscrapers of Haeundae. While it is best known for its nightscape, you can also have brunch and coffee here during the day. Enjoy the great seascape while sitting on an outdoor patio or at the rooftop lounge on the second floor.

  • 10:00–24:00
  • (EN)
  • 600 m from Dongbaek Station Exit 1 (Subway Line 2)

Gwangalli Beach Area

4. Gwangalli Beach

Gwangalli Beach is known for Gwangandaegyo Bridge, the night view, and the fireworks festival. The half-moon shaped white sandy beach, the cobalt sea, and the bridge together offer a picturesque view. It will be truly relaxing to enjoy the seascape from a uniquely designed restaurant or cafe.

  • Busan Station → Gwangalli Beach
  • approx. 30 mins (9.63 km, approx. 9,900 won)
  • City Tour Bus – BUTI Red Line 45 mins (to Gwangalli Beach;
  • First departure 10:15, Last departure 17:15 / Every 30 mins)
  • 700 m from Gwangan Station Exit 3 or 5 (Subway Line 2)

Gijang-gun Area

5. Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

This is a Buddhist temple located on a cliff. It is believed that if you pray sincerely, one of your wishes will be realized. Walking down the 108 stone steps, you will find the temple right in front of the sea. There are many interesting things in the temple including: Haesu Gwaneum Daebul, a 10 m high stone statue of Buddha; and Podaehwasang, a statue of a Chinese monk, who is believed to grant sons to those who rub the statue’s nose and belly.

  • Busan Station → Haedong Yonggungsa Temple
  • approx. 1 hr 5 mins (21.54 km / approx. 21,100 won)
  • City Tour Bus – BUTI Blue Line 40 mins from Haeundae Beach (to Haedong Yonggungsa Temple; First departure 11:05, Last departure 16:50 / Every 30 mins)

Shopping at Centum City

While traditional markets in Nampo-dong have a rustic and friendly atmosphere, Centum City in Haeundae is a sophisticated place for shopping and other leisure activities. It is connected to Centum City Station, just three stops away from Haeundae Station. Centum City houses Korea’s largest and second largest department stores providing both shopping and entertainment facilities.

1. Shinsegae Department Store – Centum City Branch

Befitting its reputation as the world’s largest department store, the Centum City branch of Shinsegae, offers famous imported brands and unique entertainment facilities. The first floor is dedicated to luxury brands such as Hermes, Chanel and Louis Vuitton. There is a food market on B1, where you can taste famous foods from Bupyeong Market such as yubujeongol (fried bean curd hot pot) and handmade eomuk (fish cake). The third and fourth floors are connected to Centum City Mall.

  • 35, Centumnam-daero, Haeundae-gu, Busan (Centum City Station Exits 10 or 12)
  • 10:30–20:00 (Fri · Sat · Sun · Holidays 10:30–21:00)
2. Shinsegae Centum City Mall

This mall, which is connected to the main department store building, houses contemporary imported brands and lifestyle specialty stores such as Electro Mart. It has a dutyfree shop on B1 and 1F, which offers items covering over 300 brands such as premium watches, jewelry, luxury goods and cosmetics. On the rooftop garden, you can try the handmade burgers and beer.

  • 15, Centum 4-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan
3. Lotte Department Store – Centum City Branch

The entrance to the department store has a replica of Rome’s Trevi Fountain. The store houses a variety of shopping brands from imported luxury goods to contemporary items and young casual clothing. The store ensures that visitors can move around easily so they can shop conveniently. From the rooftop park on the tenth floor, you can see BEXCO and Gwangandaegyo Bridge in the background.

  • 59, Centumnam-daero, Haeundae-gu, Busan (Centum City Station Exit 6 or 8)
  • 10:30–20:00
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