Medical Treatment & Tourism in Gangnam GANGNAM MEDICAL TOUR CENTER

From airport pickup to medical tourism consultations, hotel reservations, interpretation services and nearby tourist attractions, this medical tourism information center provides all you need to know about tourism and medical treatments in Gangnam. It also offers free traditional Korean medicine experience, tea therapy and trying on hanbok (traditional Korean clothing), and special facials and treatments are also available through the ReBorn Program.
  • Gangnam Tourist Information Center 1st Floor, 161 Apgujeong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • 2-minute walk from Exit 6 of Apgujeong station, Subway Line 3
  • 10:00–19:00 (Open throughout the year)
  • +82-1661-2230

Gangnam Medical Tour Center
Experience Programs

Free Experience Zone

Medi Tour

(visit affiliated medical facilities)


Korean Medicine

Experience Class

The Center offers various activities at the Experience Zone such as skin analysis, blood pressure readings and InBody checks, and you can also make doctor’s appointments if needed.

Reborn Programs
Specialized Medical Program

You can choose the skin care or treatment you need and get the “Gangnam treatment.” You can get a facial after a long flight, a Western+Eastern medicine spine checkup, teeth scaling or whitening, or a scalp treatment.

Gangnam Medical Tour Center
Half-day Medical Tour

Visit Gangnam

Medical Tour



Korean Medicine

& Medical




Walking Tour)

Reborn Water or

Beauty program

(from US$90 and up)

Walk K-Star Road with a tour guide and enjoy a facial at a reasonable price. You can also participate in various programs such as making medicinal herb face mists and scented pouch.
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