Much of Gangwon-do is covered by mountains, and therefore is noted for its abundant harvests of vegetables, especially corn, buckwheat and potatoes. The Yeongdong area, which is situated on the east coast, is also abundant in marine products.


Dakgalbi & Makguksu

Dakgalbi (Spicy Stir-fried Chicken): Chopped chicken is marinated with spicy seasoning and grilled with various vegetables. Don’t forget to try fried rice made with the remaining sauce.

Makguksu (Buckwheat Noodles): Makguksu or buckwheat noodles, has a plain but unique taste. Buckwheat noodles are served in a cold radish water kimchi broth or beef broth.


Ojingeosundae (Stuffed Squid)

Minced pork, chopped green peppers, carrots, garlic and other ingredients are mixed, and stuffed into a squid and steamed or boiled. This unique local specialty of Gangwondo is a memorable treat.


Gondrenamulbap (Thistle Rice)

Rice is cooked with thistle, which has a gentle flavor and soft texture, and mixed with soy sauce seasoning made with green onion, garlic, chili pepper powder, and sesame oil.


Songibap (Pine Mushroom Rice)

Rice is cooked with locally-sourced pine mushrooms, which boast a chewy texture and a superbly rich flavor. You can enjoy the rich and unique flavor of pine mushrooms to the last spoonful.


Sancheoneohoe (Sliced Raw Masou Salmon)

The color of sancheoneo (masou salmon) is quite like the orange color of salmon, but the texture is juicier and chewier. Enjoy sliced raw cherry salmon with spicy and sour chili pepper sauce.


Chodangsundubu (Chodang Soft Bean Curd)

Chodang is noted for its soft bean curd made with locally sourced quality spring water. Soft bean curd is simply served with soy sauce. Soft bean curd stew made with vegetables is a popular dish.


Ojingeomulhoe (Cold Raw Squid Soup)

Fresh raw squid is thinly sliced and served in chilled spicy and sour broth with vegetables. You can enjoy the fresh taste of squid caught near the Mukho and Jumunjin areas.


Hwangtaeguk (Dried Pollack Soup)

Pollack, a type of white fish that has a plain and lean meat, is dried with cold winter breezes to make hwangtae. Dried pollack is boiled with potatoes, bean curd, mushrooms, and other ingredients.

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