Cheongdam Sageori ~ Southern End of Yeongdongdaegyo Bridge
Cheongdam-dong is among the wealthiest neighborhood of Gangnam. As major entertainment agencies, such as SM Entertainment and FNC Entertainment, are located near Cheongdam Station of Line 7, many fans come to the area in the hopes to see their stars. In order to communicate with the fans, SM Entertainment operates SM TOWN Café and Store, and SMT SEOUL, where you can try Seoul-style tapas. You can try your celebrity’s favorite menus, or purchase souvenirs designed after them.
In addition, there are many hair & makeup salons, and skin care shops of the stars, and you can experience the “star treatment” too. You can also visit the skin and body care shop that actress Hwang Jung-eum and Song Ji-eun go to and get their special treatment. Brunch cafés, restaurants, and dinner party places of the stars as well as galleries are introduced here. From the French restaurant featured in the drama My Love From the Star to pub where 1997-born members like BTS’s Jeongkook and Astro’s Cha Eun Woo frequent for fried chicken and beer, here you can follow the footsteps of the stars.

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