Do you want to know the secret to celebrities’ perfect skin?

Get a celebrity makeover at Villa de Murir in Garosu-gil and take perfect selfies at Photomatic. Relax with a warm onyx stone massage at the aromatic AYU25 and end the day with a slimming care at Cheongdam Beauty Boulevard.

Must-go Celebrity Shopping Spots!

Cheongdam-dong Luxury Street is home to the premium select shop 10 Corso Como and Boon the Shop, popular among celebrities for its unique accessories and items. Apgujeong Addicted is where Shinee’s Minho is known to shop for imported select shop, and Frica on Garosu-gil is famous for BTS Jimin’s bracelet.

Enjoy a Light Brunch then Head to a Gallery Tour

How does brunch, a gallery and then a walk in a park round? You can enjoy a refreshing and artsy time at one of the many art museums and galleries near Dosan Park and the Cheongdam-dong Luxury Street. These galleries exhibit original and trendy contemporary art.


Calling All Army Members! Go on a BTS Tour

Fans can go to Yujeong Sikdang, the restaurant BTS members went to since before they even debuted, or Hakdong Park, where the vocal members had street performances. Taking pictures with BTS Gangnamdol on K-Star Road is a must, and you can also go to the escape room where BTS’s Jungkook went to, then enjoy a delicious aged rib eye at Wooga, where they did the meokbang challenge for their Billboard V App win.

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