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Seomun Market

Located in Daegu (meaning a large hill in Korea), Seomun Market is the largest traditional market in the city and was one of the three major traditional markets during the Joseon Dynasty. Built on a 34,944 m2 area, the market is comprised of five zones, including the dried seafood market and the Premium Plaza, adding up to approximately 5,000 stores. A winner of the Korean Tourism Awards in 2017, this traditional market is full of amusements beyond just shopping.

Zone 1
2F Hanboks, accessories, lounge wear, household linen, curtains and related accessories
1F Various textiles, hanboks (traditional Korean clothes), lounge wear, household linen, as well as dried seafood, nuts, meat, etc.
Zone 2
RF Administrative office, men’s lounge area, women’s lounge area, nursing room, rooftop garden
4F Various fabrics, imported premium western-style apparel, tailor made suits, naturally dyed apparel, women’s apparel
3F Various fabrics (wholesale/retail), imported premium western-style apparel, men’s suit fabrics (wholesale/retail), hiking apparel fabrics
2F Socks, underwear, curtains, laces, bedding, infant care products, naturally dyed apparel, hiking apparel, various textiles
1F Apparel including hanboks, accessories, bags, shoes, coffee shop, various textiles
B1 Fashion Town / Food Town
/ Alteration Town
B2-3 Parking lot, parking kiosks
Zone 4
4F Various fabrics (wholesale/retail), premium imported western-style apparel, suit fabrics (wholesale/ retail), naturally dyed apparel, garment cutters’ office, boutiques
3F Apparel, naturally dyed apparel, bags, ties, shoes
2F Bed linen, fabrics, tailor made suits, curtains, hanboks (traditional Korean clothes), items for newlyweds, wedding gifts for parents-in-law, naturally dyed apparel, handcraft items
1F Craftworks, hanboks (traditional Korean clothing), underwear, suit fabrics, accessories, watches, glasses, shoes, home interior items, daily necessities
B1-4 Parking lot
Zone 5
2F Wholesale apparel
1F Tableware, apparel, craftworks, clay pots, fruits
B1 Parking lot
Dongsan Mall
3F Apparel, accessories, bags, shoes
2F Apparel, daily necessities, bags, socks, accessories, fur apparel, shoes
1F Apparel, household linen, daily necessities, accessories, baby care products, tableware, shoes, craftworks
B1 Kitchen appliances, kitchenware for newlyweds, cleaning products
Premium Plaza
4F Café, rooftop garden, lounge area
3F Happy Shopping (a tax refund shop)
2F Women’s tailor made apparel, women’s bags, alteration shop
1F Children’s apparel, towels, women’s apparel, bags, hats/caps, underwear
Ajin Mall

Apparel/bag accessories, knitting wool, threads, hats/caps, gloves, apparel alteration

Seafood Mall

Seafood (including dried seafood), nuts, vinyl products, disposable products, meat

Joyful! The special joy of shopping at Seomun Market

At Seomun Market, boasting an age-old history, you will have a fun time shopping for a variety of items where both tradition and the latest trends can be found.

Zone 1
Sells both traditional and modern-style hanboks, as well as fabrics!

This is the largest traditional market in Daegu (a mecca for the Korean textile industry) selling all kinds of fabrics, apparel, apparel accessories as well as hanboks.

Zone 2
A shopping mall full of various apparel, apparel accessories and fashion accessories!

This five-story fashion mall has an alteration shop to make your shopping experience even more satisfactory. Plus, the various foods available at the food court will add joy to your experience.

Zone 4
General stores where you can buy almost anything!

One-stop shopping where you can buy almost any item ranging from fabrics to hanboks, swim suits, hiking suits, hats/caps, umbrellas and bags. Various bed linens, home interior items and handcraft items are available as well.

Zone 5
Sells a variety of tableware as well as apparel at reasonable prices!

You can buy almost any kind of tableware, ranging from tableware for newlyweds to daily home use to restaurants. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to buy various clothing at wholesale prices.

Dongsan Mall
Buy pretty kitchen utensils as well as stylish clothing and bags!

This fashion town sells a variety of apparel for men and women of all ages as well as shoes and bags. You will see the latest fashion trends, so take the opportunity to upgrade your wardrobe. Also, kitchen utensil stores can be found at the basement level.

Premium Plaza
Premium stores as well as a tax refund shop!

Premium Plaza offers premiumgrade apparel in terms of design and quality; as well as luxury brand cosmetic, hallyu-star brands, glasses, hats/caps, accessories and other miscellaneous items.

Happy Shopping (a tax refund shop)

Happy Shopping is a tax refund shop where foreign tourists can get immediate tax reimbursements. Koreans can also become a member of the shop and get discounts.


Seafood Mall
Buy quality dried seafood at affordable prices!

You can find all kinds of dried seafood including laver, sea mustard, kelp, anchovy, squid, and pollack. Buy quality dried seafood boasting rich flavors at reasonable prices.

Ajin Mall
Buy pretty apparel accessories and get your clothes altered!

An ideal place to buy apparel and apparel accessories, Ajin Mall has alteration shops and retail stores with apparel accessories (buttons, beads, etc.) on the first floor (also known as the Alteration Alley).

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