Gwangjin-gu Food Street is packed with hidden restaurants with culinary skills and ex-periences for you to enjoy the trendy food culture of Korea. There are various recipes using meat and seafood ingredients and countless ways to enjoy them. New dishes with creative recipes are pouring out into the street. Let’s go and explore the culinary culture that has gone viral on social media.

A spicy, sweet and salty local specialty even loved by foreigners

Cheese Stir-Fried Chicken

Taste dripping cheese and spicy stir-fried chicken! Located at the entrance of Migaro Food Street, a cheese chicken BBQ restaurant was aired on a TV reality show where friends from South Africa challenged themselves with the spiciest chicken, creating an eating show.
“It looks so yummy as marinated chicken and various vegetables are fried together in a large sizzling pan, with a strip of mozzarella cheese in the middle.”
Take a piece of barbequed chicken mar-inated with sweet and spicy sauce, wrap it with sesame leaf or pickled radish and enjoy the rich and chewy taste. After finishing it, try yet another delicacy, fried rice with flying fish roe. You’ll love it!

14, Jayang-ro 18-gil, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul → Subway Line 2, Guui Station Exit 1

Favorite Pick of Gourmets

Grilled Pork Collar

Along with grilled pork belly and shoul-der, different pork cuts are gaining pop-ularity in restaurants. Those are grilled pork collar (only 400g present in each pig) and pork cartilage marinated in a sweet soy sauce mixture.
“Pork collar is more chewy and savory than pork belly. And pork cartilages of the ribs and belly are crunchy and tasty.”
It is recommended to sprinkle Andes Lake Salt on grilled pork cartilage and wrap it with pickled garlic leaf. Cold noodles with white mushroom are also popular.

12, Jayang-ro 18-gil, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul → Subway Line 2, Guui Station Exit 1

With a retro sentiment sweeping across Korea

Frozen Pork Belly

Frozen pork belly, a popular ingredient in the past, is gaining popularity again. With the retro interior of Korea in the 80’s and 90’s, it is served along with spring onion salad, assorted vegetables to make a wrap and other side dishes on a round silver tray.
“Barbecue the slices of frozen Jeju pork belly on the grill covered with foil until they turn into crispy, golden brown. Try them with vari-ous sauces.”
Enjoy crisply grilled pork belly with Jeju-style salted fish sauce, sesame oil sauce or egg yolk sauce. Make a wrap with the pork, grilled chili peppers, spring onion salad and a mixed paste of red pepper and soybean. Take a huge bite. You’ll love it.

16-2, Achasan-ro 33-gil, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul → Subway Line 2&7, Konkuk University Sta-tion Exit 2

A local noodle specialty from Harbin, China

Knife-cut Noodles

Knife-cut noodles are the local specialty of the Shanxi province. The key tech-nique is to shave the sharp knife down the dough to slice off thin noodles di-rectly into a pot of boiling water. Once they are cooked, they are served in broth of mutton and various spices.
“You’ll feel tender yet springy texture of noodles at the same time and be hooked on the spicy and savory broth with exotic spices.”
If you take a seat near the kitchen, you would be able to watch a veteran chef slicing off the dough. There are also popular dim-sum and soup dumplings which pop out rich gravy.

Songhwasansi Dosakmyeon
48, Ttukseom-ro 27-gil, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul → Subway Line 2&7, Konkuk University Sta-tion Exit 6

Spicy crawfish dish devoured by Jangchen in the movie, ‘The Outlaws’


The grip of malalongxia craze comes from a scene in ‘The Outlaws’ where Jangchen (played by Yoon Kye-sang) crunches and devours crawfish shouting “Why don’t you eat?” The fiery spicy taste of malalongxia caught Koreans at once.
“Malalongxia is a stir-fry of craw-fish with mala, the Sichuan-style hot sauce. The fiery taste with lots of vegetables and garlic will make you crave for it even more.”
To truly enjoy malalongxia, you need to grab it with two hands and gnaw at it. Put on plastic gloves, detach a crawfish head from the body, and take a huge bite on the fatty crawfish flesh. You’ll love its chewy texture! It’s even tastier with the mala sauce.

37, Dongil-ro 18-gil, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul → Subway Line 2&7, Konkuk University Sta-tion Exit 6

Mamamoo member, Hwasa’s fierce eating show of

Grilled Beef Intestine

Hwasa, who appeared on a MBC reality show, ate two servings of grilled beef intestine and that made grilled beef intestine or gopchang to be sold out throughout the Gunja Station Food Street. You would also love rich, chewy taste of the grilled beef intestine.
“Take a piece of fatty gopchang with sweet chive salad after dip-ping it into sauce. True moment of happiness!”
Grilled beef intestine, fried rice and soju complement each other perfectly. If you feel a little queasy after eating greasy gopchang, it’s about time to order a fiercely spicy gopchang stew.

10, Neungdong-ro 36-gil, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul → Subway Line 5&7, Gunja Station Exit 6

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