Gwangjin-gu, embracing the Han River and Mt. Achasan, is a gateway to the eastern part of Seoul, where subway lines 2, 5, and 7 pass and visitors are drawn by its charm of modernity. Konkuk University filled with energy and youths, trendy shopping spots: Common Ground and Star City, and Seoul Children’s Grand Park are all located in the vicinity. Especially, Gwangjin-gu is famous for its four food streets with various restaurants close near the subway station. How about embarking on unique food exploration in ‘Guui-dong Migaro Food Street’, ‘Jayang-dong Lamb Skewer Street’, ‘Hwayang-dong Kondae Food Street’, and ‘Neung-dong Neungmaru Food Street’?


Who would have known such a variety of cuisines from around the world coexist in Migaro? Get a taste from restaurants ranging from traditional Korean foods to barbeque houses and bars in the alley.


The moment you get off the subway, unique and delicious foods unfold in streets. Gwangjin-gu’s representative food alleys are full of cuisines with delicate details ranging from traditional to trendy tastes. Just one delicious dish will excite taste buds and fuel your day.

Each street is filled with a delicious aroma. Each food street of Gwangjin-gu has its own ‘it menu’. Cheese stir-fried chicken in ‘Guui-dong Migaro Food Street’, retro-style frozen pork belly in ‘Hwayang-dong Kondae Food Street’, and mala craze in ‘Jayang-dong Lamb Skewer Food Street’ and popular beef intestine in ‘Neung-dong Neungmaru Food Street’ have grabbed the taste buds of culinary tourists. Come and explore unique tastes at every corner of the alleys in Gwangjin-gu.

Explore Hidden Gem Restaurants in front of Gwangjin-gu Office

‘Migaro, a delicious meeting street’ located by Exit 1 of Guui Station is the place for visitors to relax and enjoy their meal along its pleasant alleys.

‘Migaro,’ located near Gwangjin-gu Office, is famous for Guui-dong Gour-mand Alley. In 2017, signboards and the street area underwent a renovation, and clean signboards with clear menus welcome customers by the en-trance of Migaro. The fact that many restaurants have been in business for a long time at a same location reflects how they have successfully turned numerous customers into their regulars. It is the street where you can taste both traditional and modern dishes.

Subway Line 2, Guui Station Exit 1

Mirim Jokbal | Pigs’ Trotter

The secret behind the taste of Guui-dong pigs’ trotter is that they are boiled four times a day, providing soft yet chewy texture. Just dip shiny, moist and tender pork feet in salted shrimp or spicy soybean paste and eat it after wrapping it with vegetable.

11, Jayang-ro 18-gil, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul

Choegojip Pungcheon Jangeo | Grilled Eel, Eel soup

Eel, referred to as the king of stamina, tastes the best with sweet and salty marinade, but it also tastes great when it is grilled with salt. Soup with grinded eel serves as the best healthy meal!

1F, 79, Achasan-ro 51-gil, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul

Pungseong Sikdang | Pork Back-Bone Stew

Pork back-bone stew is one of favorite menus among office workers near Guui station, for it is perfect as a meal or an ac-companiment for drinks, especially on a cold day. Cabbages and thick pork flesh on back-bone with potatoes in hot broth will fuel your energy.

5, Jayang-ro 18-gil, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul

Daewon Kalguksu | Noodle Soup

There are a number of restaurants that are famous for chlorella noodle soup and dumplings with delicious taste, colors, and nutrition. At a blink of eye, you will fin-ish eating a bowl of hot noodle soup with minced beef, zucchini, and leek along with fresh kimchi.

2F, 56, Jayang-ro 18-gil, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul

Ilsongjeong | Korean Table d’hote

Guui-dong’s 30-year-old restaurant, with tradition and hospitality, offers sophisticated course meals. The table is filled with various dishes such as bulgogi, stir-fried glass noodles and vegetables, and tricolor savory pan-cakes along with Korean royal cuisines such as mung bean jelly salad and grilled rib patties.

1-2F, 21, Achasan-ro 49-gil, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul

Gangbyeon Techno Mart

Shopping? Movie? Gangbyeon Techno Mart, with a beautiful view of the Han River, is a large sprawling electronics shopping center with ten stories above ground and two below. It is also one of famous date spots for couples as it houses a shopping mall, movie theater, electronics stores and restaurants.
Subway Line 2, Gangbyeon Station Exit 1, 5min on foot

WHERE TO GO, Attractions

(1F) Enter-6
Fashion shopping mall with European-style interior design is filled with diverse stores ranging from clothing, sports brands to cosmetics shops.

(9F) Haneul Park
Selected as ‘Seoul City’s Best View Spot’, it offers beautiful night scenery of Olympic Bridge over the Han River and buildings on the riverside.

Jayang Traditional Market

At Jayang traditional market with modern facilities, visitors can purchase fresh and quality products at reasonable price. It is also fun to see and taste freshly fried twisted bread sticks, glazed fried chicken bites, and spicy rice cakes.
Subway Line 2, Guui Station Exit 4, 10min on foot

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