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Tag: Gangwon-do Travel

A Cup of Happiness Brewed...

This first-generation barista, Park I-choo is a legendary coffee master, especially of drip coffee. His name is what comes to mind when people think of coffee. He grabbed a lot of attention as the person who introduced and spread the coffee roasting culture in Gangneung. At a roastery café located in the city, he still roasts the coffee beans and brews the coffee himself. Let’s experience the happiness that a cup of coffee can create.

Lee Ho-soon, a Farmer Who...

A person who dreamt about becoming a farmer turned a wild abandoned area into herb fields full of fragrance. Lee Ho-soon is the president of Herbnara located in the deep valleys of Pyeongchang. Lee says he learned a precious lesson while growing herbs – living with nature is the secret to one’s happiness. Today he grows herbs to live closer to nature and share happiness with others.

A Living Museum Created b...

Han Seon-hak, Director of the Museum of Ancient Asia Woodblock Prints has dedicated 30 years of his life to introducing the approximately 6,000 ancient woodblock artifacts he has collected from across Asia. He communicates with citizens through various ancient woodblock printing exhibitions and training pro-grams. As the only museum of its kind in Korea, the Museum of Ancient Asia Woodblock Prints has become the venue for training and nurturing the creativity of people. Let’s explore Han’s life and the museum.