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A Poem About a Happy Life...

Seomjingang River Poet, Kim Yong-taik Deemed the Seomjingang River Poet, Kim Yong-taik is leading a life close to nature and enjoying a more relaxed time after retiring as a teacher of an elementary school. The mundane things from his daily life add up to become beautiful poems. He finds happiness in his daily life surrounded by nature, including the flowing river, trees and wind. Let’s explore his life and his happy poetry.

Black, the Eternal Color ...

Potter Kim Sy-young carries on the tradition of black porcelain, discontinued after the Goryeo era. Created in a 1,300 °C kiln, his work boasts unique colors reflecting his artistic spirit. The pottery he produces is called black porcelain but the wares exhibit a wide spectrum of colors that resemble a rainbow. Let’s explore the world of black porcelain created by the alchemist of earth and fire, Kim Sy-young.

Hu Ho’s Happy Silk Road P...

Hamchang in Sangju, Gyeongsangbuk-do was once well-known for traditional Korean silk. Even though its reputation disappeared into the mists of history, Hu Ho succeeded in creating a new sensation by promoting traditional Korean silk. Let’s learn how he took the road less traveled to weave his own happiness.

Lee Ha-yeun, a Kimchi Mas...

Kimchi is a definite soul food to many Koreans. Kimchi master Lee Ha-yeun is devoted to making kimchi (a Korean side dish) into a main element in culinary culture. She believes that this attractive Korean food can captivate the taste buds of foreigners as well. Let’s find out more about her life that has been dedicated to promoting kimchi culture.

Hong Ssang-ri, a Farmer W...

A young lady moved from the city to a remote mountain village after marriage then endured tough times with beautiful plum blossoms. Fascinated by their beauty, she cut down the chestnut trees that were on the mountain to plant green plum trees in spite of harsh criticism and challenges. Thankfully her tearful farming experience turned to happiness, and she is now writing a new chapter of her life about her affection for plum blossoms.